Skate socks (for boots)

Cotton 55%, PROLEN® Siltex with silver ions 38 %, polyamide 5%, LYCRA® 2%

35-37, 38-40, 41-43, 44-46

Foot is protected with a soft, cotton knitwear, whereas upper part  is made with Prolen® SILTEX fibre, ensuring ventilation and humidity offtaking.  Lycra® in the entire fabric ensures firm grip to the leg. Elastic band on the mid-foot protects the sock against shifting on the foot. Appropriately shaped knitted material on the heel (Y-shaped) perfectly fits and stabilizes the foot. Crosswise ribs facilitate fitting the sock on bend of the foot. Comfort features are rounded up by a seamless linking above the toes. The socks act as a deodorant due to content of SILVER in the Prolen® SILTEX yarn. Prevention of unpleasant odour during use is a result of anti-microbial properties of silver.

Special properties:
- silver content
- antibacterial and antifungal
- anti-odour
- moisture evaporation
- seamless
- non-compression
- protection against abrasion
- reinforced heel, foot and toe