Ski knee socks

cotton 75%, PROLEN® Siltex with silver ions 22%, LYCRA® 3%

32-34, 35-37, 38-40, 41-43, 44-46

The three-layer inner terry fabric protects areas of the leg exposed to injuries and abrasions when skiing. Unique flat seam "Rosso Patent" over the toes and Lycra® in the entire fabric ensures that the sock grips the leg firmly. Comfortable, non-binding ribbing keeps the sock in place. Two elastic bands on the mid-foot and above the ankle prevent the knee-socks from shifting even in the case of sudden movements. The knee-socks are designed to fit the anatomical shape of the left (L) and right (R) foot not only through the right shaping of the terry fabric but also through different profiling of the knitted material contour around the toes of the left and the right foot. Crosswise ribs facilitate fitting the knee-socks on bend of the foot. The socks act as a deodorant due to content of silver ions in the Prolen® SILTEX yarn. The unique antibacterial and antifungal properties of the silver ions prevent unpleasant odour during use and guarantee optimal hygiene.

Special properties:
- silver content
- antibacterial and antifungal
- anti-odour
- Achilles tendon an shin protection
- protection against abrasion and injury